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American Roof Pros is the premier provider of roof services, protecting and maintaining your roof above all else. Our expertise and dedication makes us the number one choice for all your roofing needs.

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New Roof


Our Re-Roof service includes a complete replacement of shingles, decking, and a water-tight layer for ultimate protection from the elements. We also provide new ventilation to ensure your roof can breathe. Finally, we always make sure to clean up the landscape after the project is complete.

Roof Repair

Roof Repairs

Our Roof Repair service offers a quick and easy fix to your roofing needs. Sometimes a roof does not need to be replaced and a simple repair will do. We provide a cheaper alternative to replacing your entire roof, while still ensuring your first line of protection to your home.

Roof Inspection

Free Estimation 

At Construction, we understand that it can be a daunting prospect to take on a roofing project. That's why we always offer a free, no-obligation estimate. Our experienced team will take a look at your roof, explain the work that needs to be done, provide you with a full written estimate, and give you the peace of mind that your roof is in good condition.

Roofing a House
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At American Roof Pros, we’re a family-run business dedicated to helping other families and small businesses with their roofing needs. We have years of experience in the construction industry and understand the importance of working with the customer to maximize their money and get the job done correctly.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and strive to provide the best service every single time. We take pride in our work and are passionate about helping our customers achieve the roof of their dreams.


Roof, Roof Materials
Roof, Roof Materials
Roof, Roof Materials
Roofing, Roof Materials
Roof, Roof Materials



Our main office is located in Tampa, Florida. To contact us with general questions or to schedule an appointment, please call Alex at 727-433-5413, if Alex can not be reached feel free to call any number listed on this website.


Use either contact method, CALL our numbers listed or plug your information in and we will contact you PROMTLY

Person Of Contact

Missouri Division/Main Office 

Merrie: 656-207-2525


Florida Division                 

Aubrey: 813-683-0342  


Alex: 727-433-5413    

Get a quote: 727-433-5413

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